Ground Fix Remediation
Saftey Certified

Environmental Solutions Provider

Ground Fix Remediation was founded in July 2015. We are an environmental service contractor providing environmental remediation/reclamation services throughout the Atlantic Canada region. Our focus is to ensure that our employees, subcontractors, and clients work in a safe environment.

Our Team – The management team at Ground Fix Remediation has a combined 60 years of experience in aspects of:

  • Project Management and Scheduling of small to complex environmental construction/remediation projects
  • Contaminated Sites Remediation (residential/commercial and industrial)
  • Emergency Response
  • Reclamation of former mine sites; and
  • Management and treatment of contaminated soils and asbestos disposal

Our reputation is known for meeting our clients’ needs in emergency situations, from small to complex projects, and to providing “start to finish” solutions. Our projects are considered complete when our clients are 100% satisfied with our end product. We are committed to ensuring that our services provided are completed with the highest quality in terms of health and safety, schedule, and cost control.

Health and Safety

At Ground Fix Remediation, we consider Health and Safety a number one priority. We integrate health and safety into our business, operations, and project planning. At Ground Fix Remediation, we take responsibility and accountability for:

  • Providing the necessary and required training to conduct our work in the safest manner
  • Ensuring compliance with Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) regulations and Acts (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), as well as our own company H&S program and our customer's safety programs
  • Ensuring that our managers/supervisors are held accountable for the protection and safety of themselves and others working with and around them; and
  • Ensuring that our managers/supervisors act as mentors and promote the “safety culture” to the employees

At Ground Fix Remediation, our employees are current and up to date with the H&S training. We invest in providing the required training and equipment as it relates to their work and job-specific tasks. We also engage our employees to participate in the development of our safe work practices, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), and site-specific Health and Safety Plans. We strongly believe that employee engagement and participation in the development of these safety work tools is essential to our and their safety success.