Our Services

GroundFix offers a broad list of environmental services specifically targeting Contaminated site remediation, Environmental Construction, and Operation and Management of Soil Bioremediation and Asbestos Disposal Facility. With our education, training, and experience in the environmental services industry; we fully understand the threat of non-compliance with current environmental regulations.

Contaminated Site Remediation

Here at GroundFix, we offer the following contaminated site remediation services:
  • Contaminated soil excavation, transportation and disposal;
  • Contaminated site restoration;
  • Underground storage tank removal;
  • Groundwater management and treatment; and
  • Emergency response (residential and commercial fuel oil spills)

Environmental Construction

Aside from contaminated sites, GroundFix also has the expertise to execute general earth works projects related to environmental construction and protection. We ensure that the work is conducted safely, effectively and is compliant with the current environmental regulations (Federal, Provincial and Municipal).
Our environmental construction services provided are:
  • Abandoned/ former mine site closures/capping;
  • Landfill capping;
  • Erosion control protection and maintenance; and
  • Aquatic habitat diversions and restoration

Operation and Management of Soil Bioremediation and Asbestos Disposal Facility

GroundFix has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the bioremediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils (gasoline, diesel and lube oil), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and PAH impacted soils.

In a partnership with the Municipality of the County of Colchester, GroundFix operates and manages the soil bioremediation and asbestos disposal facility at the Colchester Balefill Facility located at 144 Mingo Road in Kemptown, Colchester Co.,NS.

Our Nova Scotia Environment Approval (NSE Approval 2015-093433) permits us to treat and store various contaminated soils. The hydrocarbon, VOC and PAH impacted soils are bioremediated on a double lined asphalt pad. Once confirmed treated, the soils are placed at the Colchester BaleFill Cell(s) for use as intermediate and final cover. This reduces the generators liability and allows site owners to have their impacted soil handled in a more economical and environmental manner. For further information regarding the waste approval requirements and acceptable waste stream at the Ground Fix soil bioremediation and asbestos disposal facility, please see our Waste Approval Application Form and Facility Acceptance Guidelines or contact us at 902-293-8080.